Leaders That Will Get Us Through This

Take a look around, the leaders that will get us through this crisis are emerging in every community across our nation. Some are in prominent leadership positions, but many are not, and some may not have ever led before. These leaders are members of our communities. They are family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers, and they will or already have stepped forward in some way to help beat COVID-19.

You will be able to recognize these leaders because they lead by example, provide direction, make hard decisions, provide resources and most importantly–genuinely care about the health and welfare of others. They are calm, reassuring and fully aware that they don’t have all the answers—but they know we’ll figure things out. They focus their energy on the actions that enable us to overcome this pandemic, while not dwelling on how we got to this point.

As we face this challenge, these leaders give us confidence, inspiration and hope. Take a look around, these are the leaders that will get us through this tough moment in time–and they are stepping forward everyday.

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